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Weight gain after a weight-loss surgery can be frustrating and disappointing. At Atlanta Body Institute, Christopher Ibikunle, MD, offers comprehensive lifestyle and surgical solutions to help you lose weight and reduce weight regain. Dr. Ibikunle and his team serve the community of Atlanta with respect and sensitivity by providing effective and affordable weight-loss solutions. Call Atlanta Body Institute or schedule a consultation online now to learn about your options.

Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass & Sleeve Q & A

What causes weight gain after weight-loss surgery?

Weight regain after weight-loss surgery is quite common. About half of the people who receive weight-loss surgery will regain some weight after two years. There are a number of causes for weight regain, including:

Habits of chronic obesity

Slipping into old habits is easy without a proper support system or health resources. The team at Atlanta Body Institute aims to prevent weight regain for you through education and a long-term weight-loss plan.

Anatomic issues

If you are suddenly able to eat more or experience excessive hunger, there may be a problem relating to the surgery you had.  Anatomic issues range from stretching of the stomach pouch to development of fistulas along the staple line. Some surgeries require revisions to correct these anatomic issues.

Medical changes

Some common medical changes after weight-loss surgery include pregnancy, thyroid problems, adrenal issues, kidney or heart problems, or medication changes. Dr. Ibikunle manages these changes with appropriate in-office care or referrals to other providers.

How is a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass revised?

Revisions are shorter outpatient procedures, so you can return home to recover on the same-day.

Gastric sleeve revision (GSRe)

Similar to an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG), Dr. Ibikunle inserts an endoscopic camera through your mouth to your stomach while you are under sedation. Using tiny tools via the endoscope, he corrects your gastric sleeve issue. Possible revisions include a resleeve or conversion to Lap-Band®, gastric bypass, or duodenal switch (DS) to help you lose weight.

Gastric bypass revision (transoral outlet revision)

If you have a gastric bypass that requires revision, Dr. Ibikunle performs a transoral outlet revision (TORe) to decrease the size of the opening between the stomach and intestines. During this outpatient endoscopic procedure, Dr. Ibikunle places small stitches in the connection between the stomach and intestines. The smaller connection helps you eat less and feel full faster so you lose weight.

How can I prevent weight gain after weight-loss surgery?

Dr. Ibikunle and his team develop a long-term weight-loss plan with you following your surgery. Your plan includes diet and exercise programs, support for lifestyle and habit changes, and counseling. By working with Dr. Ibikunle, you learn strategies to lose weight and maintain your weight loss.

If you’re worried about weight regain after weight-loss surgery or need to lose weight again, Dr. Ibikunle and his team are ready to help you. Take the first step by calling Atlanta Body Institute or scheduling a consultation online today.

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