Atlanta Body Institute


located in Atlanta, GA & Loganville, GA

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Atlanta Body Institute

General and Bariatric Surgeons, Gynecologists & Cosmetic Specialists located in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA & Loganville, GA

The highly-skilled surgical team at Atlanta Body Institute is dedicated to spending time with each patient to ensure their individualized procedure is a success. By offering the highest quality health care at affordable prices, this Atlanta-based team strives to make modern treatments and procedures available to all patients. Leading general surgeons Christopher Ibikunle, MD and Angelina Postoev, MD co-founded Atlanta Body Institute. They recruited a team of medical and surgical experts to be able to provide a realm of surgical services. Some of the most commonly requested surgeries include varicose vein removal, tubal ligation, hysterectomy, and gallbladder removal, among others. The team even has extensive experience in weight loss for overweight and obese patients. They regularly perform successful gastric bypass, sleeve, and balloon surgeries, to name a few. Patients can also expect to get the care they need after surgery, to ensure they continue losing weight and keep it off. Because each patient is treated as an individual, the team at Atlanta Body Institute is known for their patient-focused approach to medicine. They strive to offer innovative and preventive care, so each patient can experience an improved quality of life. Team members work together closely to communicate each patient’s specific care plan and needs. This allows patients to get well-rounded treatment, in a compassionate environment where practitioners understand their specific circumstances. The team welcomes new and existing patients to the practice.

Our Services

Tubal Ligation & Reversal​

Hysterectomy & Myomectomy

Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass & Sleeve

Gastric Balloon

Gastric Sleeve

Varicose Vein Treatment

Acid Reflux

Same Day Surgery



High-Quality, Accessible and Affordable Surgical Care Solutions.
Atlanta Body Institute, a division of Georgia SurgiCare, is a surgical group devoted to providing the highest quality healthcare services. Our talented physicians and dedicated team members are committed to serving the ongoing healthcare needs and well-being of our patients, their families and all of the communities we serve. Through our innovative and patient-focused approach, Atlanta Body Institute, a division of Georgia SurgiCare, assures the most appropriate and cost-effective healthcare services are delivered in a caring and compassionate manner.


Atlanta Body Institute, a division of Georgia SurgiCare, shall become the most respected and successful surgical group in the United States for our patients, members and partners.


Atlanta Body Institute, a division of Georgia SurgiCare, shall adhere to a high standard of principles and ethics in all that it does.
Our values include:

Quality • Affordability • Accessibility • Respect • Honesty
Fairness Teamwork Patient & Community Commitment • Trust • Candor • Innovation • Accountability • Outcome

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Everyone of her staff from the moment I arrived greeted me with a smile. I left her office feeling confident that I had definitely selected the right doctor."


"Dr. Postoev is a great doctor. The took care of my needs in the utmost professional banner. I would recommend her to anyone."


"I went to Dr Inikunle and had a wonder experience with everything. Very nice to have a Dr that makes you feel like family."


"Dr. Postoev is wonderful. She is extremely gentle when doing procedures and has a positive, reassuring attitude to make you feel comfortable."


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